Farm House

A Farm in Mantua in the Mincio Park


The Farmhouse La Montina is located in the province of Mantua, in the heart of the morainic hills, a few minutes from Peschiera and Lake Garda.

Nestled in the green fields along the river Mincio and the Wine Route and flavors Mantovani, the fairytale farm offers a unique experience and real life in the country and ensuring relaxation and care.

The Farmhouse La Montina offers year-round unique dishes born by the expert hands of Paola and tasting of wines from the cellar of extraordinary family. Hosting events, dinners and snacks in the company with the fabulous cured meats.

The Farmhouse La Montina is, without a doubt, the true FARM offering products exclusively derived from the land, the animals, from work and from the heart of the family Mariotto.