The landscape of Lake Garda, the largest of the lakes of the southern side of the Alps, is one of the most spectacular for its glacial forms, both of erosion, both of accumulation. The entire area is part of a complex composed of the geosistema valleys which form the basin of the lake, by the same lake and finally from the system of hills that surround it.
The waters of the Garda were always navigate. A particular facility then has always been given by the winds, which allowed the development of sailing sports at all levels. Today every major center is fully equipped to gather in docks and harbors the boats and sails.
Lake Garda and its surroundings are the perfect training ground for those who love active holiday, sports activities and wants to live in a relaxing or competitive commitment, in fact, becomes the mirror of water ideal for windsurfing and sailing or rowing, but also for those dedicated to recreational boating, sport fishing or diving.

It never drops boredom under the stars, given the many opportunities for fun offered by the Garda nights. Discos, pubs, piano-bar are safe attraction for pleasant evenings in the magic fairy lights of the lake. And often the glow of fireworks light up the summer nights.