The wine roads, tastes and flavors

The wine roads were born and are multiplying to meet the increasing interest shown by Italian and foreign tourists to the territories of origin and production processes of our great wines.
The proposed trip Agriturismo La Montina door in the following wine routes, the taste and flavors nearby:

· Road Capon Mantovano
· Route Risotto Mantovani
· Wine Route Bresciani del Garda
· Road (Wine) Franciacorta
· Wine and Flavours Mantovani
· Wine and Dine Valcalepio
· Wine and flavors of Valtellina
· Wine and Dine from Garda to Dolomites
· Wine and Typical Products of the Land of the Strong
· Wine and Flavours of Vallagarina
. Route Bardolino
. Route Custoza
. Route Durello
. Route Soave
. Strada del Valpolicella