Sport a 360°

The Garda is a real outdoor gym. There you can practice all the “active sports”. The confirmation comes from the extraordinary offer of the shores of Lake Garda, its waters, its hinterland.

A landscape that starting from 60 meters above sea level reaches peaks of over 2,000 meters high. In this hypothetical altimetry you can find everything from the wind blowing in the sails of windsurfers and boats of every length, the most crowded beach with all its amenities, mountains to climb by any means, from the bicycle to climbing on special tracks, up to the snowy slopes worthy of the most famous winter ski resorts.

In the middle there is a landscape of the most protected, a rich vegetation, an oasis that seems to have no equal in the world, the center of the greater Europe. Here you find ideal and intense practice:

    Mountain Bike
    Horse Riding
    Rock Climbing